A Year in Review: Too Many Ways to Make It-2021

NFTs Came Into Prominence

  • A dedicated community that genuinely loves the product and bring others along with them
  • A team that pushes adoption of the collection by continuing to deliver value to their holders via special airdrops, public partnerships, subsequent collections
  • Added utility of the NFT that allows for extra membership perks, staking possibilities, metaverse compatibility
  • Art that sets it apart from other competitors whether it is generative, pfp, or music

Layer 1s Were the ‘Set and Forget’ Play of 2021

DeFi 2.0 Created More Headaches Than Wealth

GameFi Still Has Not Reached Its Full Potential

Layer 2s Could Be the Darling of 2022

Fundamentals Do Not Correlate With Strong Returns, Yet

The Bottom Line:

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Jared Gabaldon

Jared Gabaldon

Principal for R.F. Capital - Decentralized Finance Fund